Hi, my name is Jonas. I'm a junior web developer based in Antwerp. I describe myself as a passionate and dedicated web engineer who loves coding, open source, and the web platform. I learned the art of building websites and web applications at BeCode. The training has further hone my skills as a front-end but more specifically back-end developer. I used to work as a financial advisor for ING & Deutsche Bank. I'm still interested in finance and financial markets but as of today I find more passion in creating visual stuff. If I can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.


2018 - 2021



From October 2018 until February 2021 I worked for ING Deurne where I was responsible for the mortgage loans in addition to investment follow-up. This job involved more analytical skills considering the evaluation of client credit-worthiness.

2015 - 2018

Deutsche Bank

Investment banker

For more than three years I worked at Deutsche Bank. As a financial advisor I was responsible for answering the customers' questions regarding various banking products and services. The main focus lied on investments. By finding the right solution to the customers needs I was able to create my own client portfolio. I also participated in projects to improve the existing processes, by bringing in creative ideas.